ReMagicMirror: Action learning using human reenactment with the mirror metaphor


We propose ReMagicMirror, a system to help people learn actions (e.g., martial arts, dances). We first capture the motions of a teacher performing the action to learn, using two RGB-D cameras. Next, we fit a parametric human body model to the depth data and texture it using the color data, reconstructing the teacher’s motion and appearance. The learner is then shown the ReMagicMirror system, which acts as a mirror. We overlay the teacher’s reconstructed body on top of this mirror in an augmented reality fashion. The learner is able to intuitively manipulate the reconstruction’s viewpoint by simply rotating her body, allowing for easy comparisons between the learner and the teacher. We perform a user study to evaluate our system’s ease of use, effectiveness, quality, and appeal.

Proceedings - International Conference on Multimedia Modeling (MMM)