Adaptive background model registration for moving cameras


We propose a framework for adaptively registering background models with an image for background subtraction with moving cameras. Existing methods search for a background model using a fixed window size, to suppress the number of false positives when detecting the foreground. However, these approaches result in many false negatives because they may use inappropriate window sizes. The appropriate size depends on various factors of the target scenes. To suppress false detections, we propose adaptively controlling the method parameters, which are typically determined heuristically. More specifically, the search window size for background registration and the foreground detection threshold are automatically determined using the re-projection error computed by the homography based camera motion estimate. Our method is based on the fact that the error at a pixel is low if it belongs to background and high if it does not. We quantitatively confirmed that the proposed framework improved the background subtraction accuracy when applied to images from moving cameras in various public datasets.

Pattern Recognition Letters